Dr. Slim

Heard you are working on weight loss or is it a body slimming program? It can be stressful and frustrating especially if you are not really getting the results you need. Its time you stopped worrying because Dr. Slim is here to take that worries away. We know you are looking for fast results so kindly allow us to save you some time and go ahead to result and testimony time. You have to skip fad diets because they are slow and most importantly, their results do not last. We are here to give you healthier options that you can start up immediately and the results present itself faster than you would expect it.

Here at Dr. Slim, a multidisciplinary approach is used. There is a professional team that includes a dietician, an exercise therapist, behavior therapist, physician, and an aesthetician. These professionals are going to assess you using several types of equipment like Cryolipolysis, Laser, RF, Cavitation etc. the results obtained after the assessment would help them determine what the exact problem is that rise your weight or threaten your slim body and beauty. We have registered dieticians that will guide you through the meal course you should follow. Dr. Slim is really going to integrate physical activity into a healthy lifestyle. We also care for the mental well-being of our clients. This has led us to provide you with a behavioral therapist that will help prepare the patients mentally for what is coming their way. All these will help the patients achieve a result very fast. 

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